What is HTML?

HTML - Hypertext Markup Language
HTML is the Web's core language. By which you will create content which will be used by others.
Whatever you see in the browser is made by HTML. Sure, the design is done by CSS and interactivity is added by JavaScript. But HTML is the skeleton of any webpage and web application.


HTML was created to create and share documents.
If you are interested into history of HTML, here is the link to the wikipedia.

Sample Page

Below is the sample HTML page. You don't have to worry about anything right now. Just see how HTML structure is made.
HTML files have .html extension.

This is header

This is paragraph containing the content of the page.

<!DOCTYPE html>
        <h1>This is header</h1>
        <p>This is paragraph containing the content of the page.</p>


To start with the course, you will need to have following knowledge.

  • Experience with any Operating system ( Windows or Linux or any other )
  • Write content into notepad or text editor
  • Create files and directories
  • Navigate through directories and open and save files
  • Browse different websites in the browser

Basic Tools

The most basic tools you will need to start learning HTML is :

  • Browser
  • The HTML page is opened in browser and browser renders ( structures ) the page

  • Editor
  • An editor will be needed to create HTML files and write HTML pages. Any simple editor like notepad or Notepad++ will work. But it will be very helpful if you use the more advanced editor like MS Code. They are specially designed to write code.

HTML tags

The HTML page is structured by the tags.
Tags are the term which comes between < >.
If you see the above example, <html>, </html>, <head>, </head>, <body> and all others are tags.
Most of opening tag i.e <head> has a enclosing tag i.e </head>. But there will be some tags which will not have enclosing tags. Those are self enclosing tags. You will learn this in upcoming chapters.

Every tag structured the content in some way. For example <h1> title </h1> makes the title look bigger. You can see that in above example.

HTML elements

The Element is an entity created by a tag.
<h1> title </h1> will create a h1 element. You will be using elements while adding javascript into HTML. But That is too far. Right now, this is just for your knowledge.


So, in this section, you learned about HTML and tags and elements.
In next section you will learn about developer tools for HTML.